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Since I was in 5th grade I knew I wanted to be a dance teacher. The joy I felt when a student accomplished a new step, performed a dance, or would leave their mother without crying was so fulfilling. Watching my little dancers grow up to become wonderful women and men in society or become a Dance Teacher themselves and pass on the love of dance made me happier than any performing I could ever do!

Leaving Kathy's Studio of Dance is one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. I started my studio with the idea that anyone should be able to dance no matter their size, talent, or ability to pay. I wanted a professional studio that taught children and adults of all ages, structure, discipline, and teamwork. This is how all the dance studios were back when I started 39 years ago. This worked for many years but times have changed and I need to leave the education of dance to those who are young, fresh, and are able to change with the new dance world.

I cannot thank enough all the Teachers who taught here throughout the 30 plus years. They believed in teaching the love of dance to all our students and shared their talent with them.

I thank all of you for your years of support and dedication. Thanks to all the volunteers through the years who helped make this Studio what it was. I have enjoyed the many years of working with the children of West Seattle. All I ever wanted to be was a dance teacher. I loved sharing my passion for dancing to others. You could walk into a dance studio and forget the rest of the world and JUST DANCE.

Thanks to this year's Teachers for a great final year and making me feel successful and admired Bonnie, Alissa, Jasmine, Hannah, Victoria, Kellsie, Cristen, and ZJ. Thanks to my staff especially Nicole, Amy, Linda, and Etta for all you do.

Loyalty has always been something I treasured in my life. I thank those who stuck by me not only when KSD was successful but also as it struggled. Thank you to Dean Wollgast, Bill Hotaling, Sheryl Kenna, Lainey Piaquadio, Cynthia Peterson, Diane Redenbaugh, Abby Schaudt, Bonnie Campbell, Amy Sly, Chris Mowery, Linda Corbell, Cindy White, and Rose Sheets.

I thank my parents who taught me to have a strong work ethic, always finish what you start and let a nave 17-year old girl have her dream to start a dance studio. Their support through the years is unmeasurable. Thank you to my sisters Patty and Maribeth for all your help and always being there. To my daughter Ashley as KELVIN said so many years ago...no one has benefited or suffered more from the dance studio than you.

For many years walking into the PINK WALLS was a place of security, friendship, and love. The PINK WALLS may be gone now but the memories and lessons learned will always be a part of our lives.

For the final time...Yours in DANCE, Miss Kathy

 To contact Miss Kathy,  please email her at  misskathyksd@aol.com.
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   To contact Miss Kathy, please email her at misskathyksd@aol.com.

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